Department of Home Affairs

On 20 December 2017, the government formally established the Home Affairs portfolio, including the Department of Home Affairs. This portfolio brings together Australia’s federal law enforcement, national and transport security, criminal justice, emergency management, multicultural affairs, immigration and border-related functions and agencies to keep Australia safe. ASIO is a statutory agency within the Home Affairs portfolio.

ASIO Outreach works closely with other areas within the Department of Home Affairs, including the Critical Infrastructure Centre (CIC). The CIC engages with critical infrastructure owners and operators through the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN), and directly as needed, to understand and manage risk, and build resilience in Australia’s critical infrastructure. ASIO Outreach provides security intelligence advice directly to TISN members as required.

Australian Cyber Security Centre

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) is the Australian Government’s single point of co-ordination and accountability, and the public interface for cyber security matters for all Australians including government, industry, critical infrastructure operators, business and individuals.

The ACSC brings together cyber security expertise from across government into a single location, enabling greater collaboration and information sharing to protect and defend Australians, their networks and their information online.

The ACSC educates and informs Australians to help them understand the benefits of good cyber security practice and better protect themselves against cyber threats.

ASIO Outreach works closely with the ACSC to provide joint briefings on national security threats and cyber security mitigations. 

State and territory police

State and territory police services have responsibility for community safety and protection. They preserve the peace, uphold the law, prevent and investigate crime, provide assistance in personal emergencies, and coordinate and manage emergency incidents.

ASIO maintains a strong relationship with all jurisdictional police to ensure all relevant national security threat information is passed to stakeholders, including industry, should a security threat emerge. ASIO is a mandatory member of the Joint Counter Terrorism Team (JCTT) in every state and territory, which includes representatives from the Australian Federal Police, state and territory police, and security and law enforcement agencies.

ASIO Outreach works closely with local police and affected parties to share threat information so an appropriate response can be developed and deployed. ASIO initiates this engagement as required.

Other resources


The Department of Foreign Affairs Smartraveller website provides travel safety advice for Australians travelling abroad. Smartraveller provides advice on threats such as civil unrest, violent crime, terrorism and kidnapping. It also features issues that might affect businesses operating overseas, such as cybercrime, fraud, extortion and commercial disputes.